2015 Conventions!

I’m heading to Sacramento for Sac-Con on Sunday, March 1!  There are a ton of TMNT-related guests this year, including co-creator Kevin Eastman, Ernie Reyes Jr., and lot of actors from the TMNT movies!  I’ll be there selling signed books, bookplates, and maybe selling prints and sketches.  Hope to see you there!

The rest of these are tentative, with the exception of the San Diego Comic-Con and APE, although I’m pretty sure I’ll be attending all of these in some capacity:

Big Wow!, San Jose, April
Reubens weekend, Washington, D.C., May
Comic-Con International, San Diego, July

Intervention, Washington, D.C., August
Sasquan/WorldCon in Spokane, August

SF Zinefest, San Francisco, October
Alternative Press Expo, San Jose, October

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