The Zombie Gnome Defense Guide

If you enjoyed  Zombie Gnome: A Tiny Terror (and hey, who didn’t?), it’s time to visit your local bookstore and pre-order The Zombie Gnome Defense Guide, co-written by me and Shaenon K. Garrity! As the title says, it’s the complete reference to surviving the tiniest apocalypse.



Stop the presses!

There’s been plenty of press already for my three latest books. Here’s an assortment:

Harley Quinn at Comic Book Movie

Harley Quinn at Doom Rocket

Totally Awesome at The Nerdist

Muppet Babies/Totally Awesome at

The Complete Peanuts Family Album at the Washington Post

The Complete Peanuts Family Album at the Aaugh Blog

The Complete Peanuts Family Album at Tony’s Tips (by legendary comics writer Tony Isabella)

Signed and sketched books now on sale!

I’ve got copies of Totally Awesome: The Greatest Cartoons of the Eighties and The Art of Harley Quinn in stock now, and The Complete Peanuts Family Album is on its way soon! For cover price plus the cost of shipping ($5-15 in the United States, depending on your preferences), I’ll sign and sketch a copy for you! Orders placed by December 11 will arrive in time for Christmas.

Just email me through the contact form on this site and I’ll provide you with my email address for PayPal payments. I’ll sketch your favorite eighties cartoon character in Totally Awesome, favorite version of Harley in The Art of Harley Quinn, and any Peanuts character you choose in The Complete Peanuts.

Art of Harley Quinn

Totally Awesome Holidays!

Three years (or 37 years) in the making! Totally Awesome: The Greatest Cartoons of the Eighties goes on sale tomorrow! Check out the totally awesome cover by Italian artist Christian Cornia!




If you’re ordering online, please use Amazon Smile and select the Cartoon Art Museum as your non-profit of choice!

I’ll have a limited number of these on sale for the holidays, too! If you’d like a signed and sketched copy, please contact me through this website for details. I’ll be selling these for cover price ($50) plus shipping, but I’ll be happy to personalize your book with a sketch of your favorite eighties animation character!