Batman at Comic-Con!

Had a great time at the 50th San Diego Comic-Con! I spent most of my time at the Cartoon Art Museum‘s booth, raising funds and awareness about the museum, but also talked a lot about Batman, as we’re gearing up for the release of Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight from Insight Editions this fall.

Photo #1 is me at the Cartoon Art Museum‘s booth at Comic-Con, photo #2 is me at the DC Comics booth, where they had a preview copy of the book on prominent display. Really pleased with all the effort that DC and Insight have put into promoting the book.


I also spent some time at the Comic-Con Museum’s Batman exhibit, and gave a slideshow presentation on Batman’s 80-year history, followed by a quick tour of the museum.

A whirlwind, as Comic-Con always is, but lots of fun. I’m hoping to have a full slate of convention appearances this fall, so if you’re a convention organizer, bookstore manager, librarian, educator, or have any other reason to bring a Batman historian to town, please drop me a line!




Comic-Con 50!



See you at the San Diego Comic-Con!

My home base is booth #1930, representing the Cartoon Art Museum! That’s the best place to catch up with me throughout the convention. We’re hosting our annual Sketch-A-Thon fundraiser, where a $10 donation gets you a custom commission sketch from one of the talented artists helping out at our booth.

In addition to that, I’m giving a talk on Batman’s 80th anniversary at the Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park on Thursday, July 18 from 11am-12pm.

Thursday afternoon, 4-5pm, I’m moderating Batman and The Secret Origin of Bill Finger,, room 23ABC.

On Saturday, I’ll be at the Insight Editions booth, #3721, from 2-3pm, signing free promotional posters for Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight from Comics, Film, and Beyond.

And on Sunday, I’m moderating the Spotlight on Jae Lee, 12-1pm, Room 4.

See you soon!


Batman: Thirty Years Later

I weighed in on the thirtieth anniversary of Tim Burton’s first Batman movie with producer Michael Uslan for the Washington Post!

My co-writer Gina McIntyre and I cover the film in-depth in our forthcoming book Batman: The Definitive History of The Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond, out this October from Insight Editions. Hope you’ll check it out!


World’s Finest

Here’s my first *official* writing for DC Comics, an introduction to the next World’s Finest Omnibus. Clear a lot of space on your bookshelf–this is a big one!




on sale April 17, 2019!

Superman and Batman teamed up for these tales from the mid-1950s and early 1960s, which include their battles with villains including Lex Luthor, Clayface, Brainiac, Bizarro, Bat-Mite, Mr. Mxyzptlk and many others. Collects stories from World’s Finest Comics #117-158.